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About Us

We are part of Mindera family!

We are born to live in people’s hearts, learning and teaching what we know better and love more!

We care, we listen, we make stuff happen!

We want to rock the world of wannabe programmers by teaching them the skills they need to be part of the amazing IT World.

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It's hard to imagine a world without technology, it dominates the world as we know it. However, it doesn't grow on trees: we need humans to program the machines! That's why the Software Development market is always looking for new professionals, and it seems like this trend is here to stay.

So, are you ready to kickstart a career as a FullStack Software Developer? If so, we're here to help you take the leap!

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Course Program

PORTO 2nd Edition 03.01.2022 - 31.05.2022
PORTO 3rd Edition 03.07.2022 - 30.11.2022
AVEIRO 1st Edition 03.04.2022 - 31.08.2022

We believe there will be an added value on this 5 months course that will allow people to find new opportunities on the job market and get back the investment they have made on a short time frame. The monthly fee will be 750€ which makes a total of 3750€ + IVA.

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An introduction to computer science, Operating Systems, and algorithms.

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Introduction to Programming

An introduction to the Java language, including the language basics, as well as concurrent and network programming.

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Back-End Development

A set of frameworks and tools essential for back-end developers. These tools include Maven, Relational Database Management Systems, Object Relational Mapping, and Spring.

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Front-End Development

A set of concepts and tools essential for front-end developers. These include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other basic concepts of Web programming.

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Other Tools & Concepts

Key tools and concepts that are fundamental in a developer’s day-to-day work. These include design patterns, version control systems, software development methodologies, among others.

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The next editions will already be face-to-face or in a mixed system, if needed.

Should you decide to learn how to code with us, you’re up for 5 months of arduous, although rewarding, work.

Yes. The classes will be taught online, so you’ll need your own computer and a strong Internet connection.

Full-time. And by “full”, we really mean “full”. You will need to be fully invested in the course if you want to succeed.

No, not right now.

As long as you have a strong desire to learn the art of writing code, you're the right person! Unless you have yet to complete your 18th birthday. If that's the case, please wait a while longer and return to us once you're of age, or check the Mindera School project: https://school.mindera.com!

Of course! We are firm believers in second chances. And third chances. And fourth chances. You get the picture. The point is, if you genuinely want something, being told “no” should always motivate you to do better next time!

The short answer is: yes! The more extensive one would be to tell you that our course is designed with people like you in mind. We will start from the bottom and build a strong foundation so that you'll be ready to rock the real world by the end of month 5.

It is our conviction that everyone, despite their knowledge level, has something to learn with our course. The MindSwap program is designed to teach our students how to code and develop the set of soft skills required for a successful career in the Software Development world. These skills include communication, team-work, time-management, self-awareness, and so on.

Simply put, we’re looking for highly driven people with an insatiable thirst for knowledge and who are committed to changing their lives. We’re looking for people who aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and work hard to achieve their goals. If you think this describes you and you want to learn how to code, you know what to do: Apply now!

Yes, we will issue a document that proves you completed the 5-month marathon to become a skilled developer. However, this document will not hold any information regarding your performance during the course. We firmly believe that your value will be proven once it’s time to tackle your first job interviews.

It will cost you exactly 3750€ + IVA to change your future. You can choose to pay this amount monthly or fully.

All day, every day! Ok, we’re joking—kind of. Classes will be scheduled from 9 am to 6 pm, but that doesn’t mean that you can yell “Freedom!” when the clock hits its mark. Most days, you’ll still have work to do. It’s going to be worth it, but it will require a lot of your time and effort.

Both English and Portuguese.

The five months of the course are divided into several modules. We will teach you all you need to learn about back-end and front-end programming, as well as the best development methodologies, so that you can find your first job as a Junior Software Developer. To do that, we will use the most relevant tools and frameworks in the current market. On the other hand, we will also work on some of your soft skills like communication, teamwork, and time management. If any of what was written in the previous lines had your brain in a knot, don't worry. You're at the right place! Apply now!

With your newly acquired skills, you’ll be able to apply for jobs in the Software Development world, but depending on your previous skills… The sky's the limit, and that’s only true until you learn how to fly!

Before you can attend our course, you’ll have to go through our application process. Please check the answer to the next question for further details on how that process works.

The application process starts when you fill out our form here. Then you'll receive an email from us with the information you'll need to proceed. In short, our selection process is composed of two phases. In the first one, you'll be asked to study a few programming concepts and then answer a few questions. If you succeed, we will then invite you to join us in a video call interview. This interview will help us know a tad more about you to understand if you're a good match for the MindSwap program and vice-versa.